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Véhicule loué pour 6 personnes pour 3 jours 2 nuits. Un peu juste niveau place mais pour un couple ou une famille de 4 personnes max, il conviendrait parfaitement.

Le 16 août 2019.
Lolita V. a loué le camping-car de Mélissa G. à Mouzillon.

The renter does not speak English, just French and she is not bothered by that. We had french friends with us on the pick up so that helped. First of all, one of the bunk beds was apparently repeatedly broken. It is held on a wooden truss on a 3 thin screws. The whole bed stability is held on that 3 thin nails. I'm a heavy 60kg and I broke my bed just by sitting down on it. At the foothills of the bunk bed you can find a wooden board perfectly sized to be a support system instead of broken wooden truss. It is obvious that this is placed there to be used as a support system for the bed structure to hold down whenever the wood truss gets broken. The van owner just waved her hand when we tried to tell her this was already broken and badly repaired, she charged us 150EUR !!! She also charged us 40EUR for cleanliness but the van was perfectly clean. Since we did not have a French speaking person with us on a delivery it was unpossible to negotiate and speak with the Renter as she just waved her hand on anything I said. However, the van Itself is well maintained, clean and it has all you need. A real camper. But we had a bad owner experience, I think she is not fair, helpful or honest.

Le 23 juillet 2019.
Bekavac M. a loué le camping-car de Mélissa G. à Mouzillon.

Camping-car et propriétaire très sympas !

Le 2 juillet 2019.
Guillaume C. a loué le camping-car de Mélissa G. à Mouzillon.

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